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Monday, 15 February 2016

John Cena WWE Pencil Box - Magnetic

Looking for something useful to gift a child for his/her birthday? Check out these cool and reasonably priced WWE pencil boxes.

John Cena WWE Pencil Box - Red

This pencil box features John Cena and his characteristic salute! There are 4 functions according to the product description including buttons that reveal secret pop-out sections when pressed.

John Cena Pencil Box - Blue

Looking for a WWE pencil box in blue? Here's another one featuring 15-time WWE Champion, John Cena. Check out the reviews!

John Cena Pencil Box - NEVER GIVE UP

The inspiring words "Never Give Up" appear alongside a picture of John Cena. Cena has long been one of the most inspirational characters in WWE and his message of perseverance and hard work continues to inspire millions of fans across the globe.

According to the product description, this pencil box has 2 functions.

Multi-functional pencil boxes help to keep stationery organized and accessible. They're also great fun to use and children enjoy them.

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